VIDEO: Liberalism At Its Finest On The Cape Flats: Materialism, Consumerism, Ego, Drugs, Guns & Real Bullets in the Coloured (Mixed Race) Heartland of Socialist South Africa

Three cheers for Mandela’s Rainbow Nation, taught in schools around the world as a shining example of Liberalism and Pacifism. What they won’t teach the kids though is that things have got so bad in the Socialist ANC’s South Africa, that the regime has had to send their poor excuse for an army in, to quell the gang warfare in the Western Cape. The Gangs, who control the Cape Flats, however responded saying they do not fear the South African National Defense Force (SANDF). The response from the gangs, not only reveal just to what extent the SA Police Force is impotent, corrupt and not fit for purpose, but also how the army is also not fit for purpose and has in fact been turned into a huge medical aid scam by the ANC, as 70% of the army have AIDS, meaning taxpayers are paying for their medical bills… is it any wonder there is a growing movement in The Cape to break away from ANC’s South Africa.

While some gang bosses welcomed the idea of ​​soldiers on the plains and say that less innocent people will now die, concerns have been expressed about the ability of army members to take control of situations where possible conflicts arise with gangs, especially since many gangs are well equipped with weapons that have been illegally acquired. As can be seen in the video, it is very unlikely soldiers will risk their lives to fight gangs in an open gunfight.

Police Minister Bheki Cele had announced last week that the South African National Defense Force (SANDF) will be deployed on the Cape Flats for the next three months to eradicate gang violence but gang members say they are not afraid of the army.

High-ranking members of various gangs on the Cape Flats responded with the typical arrogance disregard expected from gangs leaders.

A group that did not want to disclose their details says the arrival of the soldiers is a challenge but will not affect or restrict their operations.

A member of the Dixie Boys said, “The army must come, my girl, we won’t worry yet.

The gangster actually welcomed the SANDF and said: “Too many innocent people are being killed. It’s right for the army to come, it will stop the shooting and make it safer for people to just live in peace.

 In case Youtube removes it:

The Junky Funky Kidz (JFK) says they are not worried about the army, and one member boasts that they are “invincible”.

It won’t touch us. We are too big and we have factions. We care for our people.

“Yes, you get those who complain, but do you think people are against those who are going to stand? No, my girl,” he says.

According to the gang member, police corruption plays a major role in the ‘success of their business’.

The police are already so dirty. Why do you never find them?” He says.

They take drugs, drink and like to borrow money, and who gives it to them? All we ask of them is that we are aware of what is happening.”

He admits some of their members are killing innocent people, but says they are punished under “the law of the gang”.

Those who shoot the innocent get his day with us. We have our laws and we maintain them even though people think we are savages,” he added.

Members of the G-Unit gang refused to comment on the army and just said, “That is childrens sh**t”.

A leader of the Mongrels gang, whose “biggest selling items” abalone, tik and mandrax, laughed when asked how the army would influence them.

We are business people, so whatever happens around us, the business continues. We will know when they come and how they come and how late they will be. It has always been our way. Nothing will stop us from doing what we do.”

The Americans gang, which deals with illegal firearms and ammunition, marijuana, tik, mandrax and sex workers, agrees.

I saw the troops’ arrival, most of them are in my area,” says one leader.

I have safe houses and could see the activities of all law enforcement officers. We don’t stop doing business because it gets hot. The army will come and go, but people’s needs will always be there.”

A member of the Vikings gang says their most important “income” comes from tik, heroin and the provision of firepower to other gangs.

We’re not just working on the Cape Flats, our business is international. We’ll slip through the cracks, we always find a way. We never kill people, it’s not what we do,” the man says.

A member of the Hard Livings gang insists that their ‘business’ to sell drugs and guns is legal and that they do not kill innocent people.

We’re business people, man. The army can see if they find something wrong here. We won’t run and they won’t find anything.

“They will leave and life will continue. We do not take the lives of innocents.”

A member of the Sexy Boys says: “We do not do small businesses but make mass sales. We serve soup and bread every day to all poor people in different areas. The soldiers can stand in line for their portion. We are not afraid, and the army has nothing to fear from us.


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