ANC wants to speed up the process to steal land to trick black voters to support the ANC in the coming elections

Rumours and reports is doing the rounds that ANC is intending to speed up the land theft project, and are already making a fuss so that the forthcoming election results will be beneficial to them.

According to the land claims plan, the regime wants to transfer 30% of the land to blacks within the next five years.

Farmers who made a thorough study of the outcome of such an act predict that it would adversely affect food provision in the country.

The Ramaphosa regime wants to see that the constitution amendment is made before the election in 2019, and there is suspicion that the first land will then be seized to dune as a motivation for black voters to support the ANC.

Political commentators say the action of the ANC does not differ from Mugabe’s actions, and is a portrayal of dictatorship and robbery.

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